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Sample details Pages: 6 Words: 1673 Downloads: 3 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Finance Essay Type Analytical essay Did you like this example? The article is based on the adoption of internet banking in developing countries like Thailand and also on the plans or policies which maximize the rate of adoption of internet banking. According to authors, as per the results of pervious research, it is clear that the achievement of internet banking is mainly through customer acceptance however, banks and government support also played an important role in it. Â  Earlier the innovation adoption in internet banking was mainly focused in some regions of developed and developing countries. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "INTERNET BANKING ADOPTION STRATEGIES FOR A DEVELOPING COUNTRY LIKE THAILAND" essay for you Create order Now this study focuses on the adoption of information technology (IT) in a developing country like Thailand, where internet banking is still arising. The main purpose of this study is to find the features that persuade the customers to accept the internet banking service in Thailand and also to create methods which help it to increase the pace of adopting it. In order to do the study, the authors have utilized the decomposed Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) (Taylor and Todd, 1995) as; it is useful in forecasting and describing human behaviour across many areas, by decomposing it into certain dimensions. They have done the quantitative research by conducting the survey in the big companies of Bangkok. The result of the survey has been used for the data analysis. Â  EVALUATION: The article is well written and authors have mainly focused on the research objective. The authors have revaluated the banking and internet developments of Thailand for their studies which are followed by the decomposed theory of planned behaviour. Research methodology i.e. quantitative research and data analysis were also under taken. From the findings, advices or suggestions are offered that must help the banks to expand policies to increase the uptake of internet banking. At the end conclusions, study drawbacks and the prospective for further research are also presented. The article also educates that when the internet was introduced in Thailand, what was the ratio of the users, how the Thai ministry has come forward to promote the internet and the history of banking sector in Thailand in early 1990s. As per authors, their study was based on the decomposed theory of planned behaviour. The method of decomposition allows the investigators to expand a set of examine variables . The basic concept of this theory is based on the hypothesis that human behaviour is rational. According to this theory, the factors that influenced human behaviour are: attitude, perceived behavioural control and subjective norms. Here outlook or attitude means that a customer will always think about the benefits as well as the drawbacks of internet banking. Perceived behaviour control means having essential resources and opportunities for a persons objective to achieve. The subjective norm explains the communal pressure e.g. the acceptance of the internet banking in Thailand is referred to as the uniqueness of Thai culture. The research variables are divided into two groups established on the capability and incapability of banks to facilitate acceptance. The groups are bank factors which can be controlled by bank and other factors which are not controlled by bank. This was done to meet the purpose of finding the policies that banks could take on to increase the acceptance of i nternet banking. As per the article, Internet banking provides various benefits to the user. E.g. customer can access his account at anytime from anywhere as per his convenience. However before taking any new service, several issues needs to consider by the bank customers e.g. their terms and conditions that sensibly can be accepted. In Thailand, maximum bank transactions require documentation; this is again a big drawback of not adopting the internet banking. A user friendly website of bank can convince the customer to accept the internet banking but risk and loosing privacy are the main obstructions in the adoption of internet banking. According to the authors, Internet banking should be compatible, it is difficult for a customer to accept new technology if it is not friendly in nature. Authors have used the quantitative research method for findings; they have done the survey in the 40 big companies of Bangkok by sending the questionnaires to each company to their 15 offi ce workers who use the internet frequently. Out of 600 forms, 506 were used for analyzing the data which signify a response rate of 84%. Data analysis or study can be shown in the table (appendix attached). At the time of analysing the forms were segregated according to the gender, age, experience, education in order to study correctly. SUMMARY: As per the author, the below factors can be observed as the most important encouragement features for the acceptance of internet banking in Thailand: quality of the web site and, recognize usefulness. It is necessary for banks to facilitate encouragement and control obstruction factors. LIMITATIONS AND FUTURE RESEARCH: Limitations: The study was done only on the internet users. Non internet users are not considered in this finding. All factors were not covered in the previous adoption studies. Study was monitored only on information technologies which address negative responses to ecommerce. Future research could enlarge the survey to Thai public in other regions, rather than being particular to Bangkok only, and should be repeated at usual period to monitor the influence of changes. BARRIERS TO INTERNET BANKING ADOPTION: A QUALITATIVE STUDY AMONG CORPORATE CUTSOMERS IN THAILAND INTRODUCTION: The article is about the obstructions to the internet banking adoption in developing countries like Thailand. As per the studies, Thailand is still behind in accepting the internet banking as compared to other Asian countries. Although, internet banking allows the customer to use their bank account from anywhere, at any time as per their convenience, then also many corporate customers in Thailand are not using this service. The main objective of this study is to find out the reasons why corporate customers in Thailand are not accepting internet banking which can be examined by banks to come up with the strong resolutions. To find out why the corporate customers in Thailand are not enthusiastic about internet banking, authors have done the qualitative research which consists of the face to face detailed interviews with the corporate customers of banks that offer internet banking. EVALUATION: Although the article is all about the barriers of internet banking, authors have also described some benefits of using the internet banking e.g. from the banks point of view, it can reduce the cost, improve competitiveness, attract new customers, retain existing customers. From customers viewpoint, it is less time consuming and can be operated from anywhere. However still many customers give priority to other services of bank like ATM and Tele-banking rather than internet banking. As the article is to deal with the obstructions of adopting the internet banking, authors have addressed many barriers some are: Some Thai customers believe that technology cannot replace the bank-customer relationship, as they consider in maintaining strong relationships in business. Mostly Thai people choose informal and personal relationship based communication which makes the financial services unappealing to them. Internet banking is lacking in Thailand because of the perceptions of the cust omers in terms of trust the web system. They are bothered about their security and privacy. They dont trust the service providers and dont want to rely on internet services. Another issue is the negative attitude for adopting new technologies such as web technology in the organisations. Many firms dont want to invest in web technologies in Thailand. This is one of the main barriers for the adopting the internet banking. Customer believes that technology based services will not work as expected. Many customers are worried about legal support for using internet services in their business. They are concerned about the protection of the business practises by fraudulent activities such as illegal access, hackers etc. If there passwords can be hacked then their money can be lost in few seconds. In order to do the findings, authors have done the qualitative research as it provides the opinion of the persons at the early stages of research and allowing the investigator to get a goo d understanding of the problem. To do the research, interviews were conducted in two groups of managers who deal with financial issues in their organisations. The first group includes the managers who use internet banking frequently and the other group consist of the non- internet banking users. The interviews were conducted in a semi-structured format which allows the managers to express their opinions. The interview includes both the aspects of the internet banking that is the positive as well as the negative. All interviews were done in Thai language, however they were translated later. Authors have presented the details of the interview through a table. To find the major barrier in internet banking, authors have adopted the qualitative content analysis. SUMMARY: The study has found 9 obstructions of internet baking which has been divided into 3 groups which are organisational, trust and legal. These interviews proves that there are still some obstructions to accept the internet banking by Thai corporate customers which needs to be taken care of by banks in order to convince the corporate customer to accept the internet banking in their business. Trust is the most significant issue which worries the customer in regards to security, privacy and fraudulent activities. Another concern is lack of confidence in the non- internet banking user to do the financial transaction on internet. They have very much negative attitude in adopting the internet banking. Thai people believe that Thailand is still in the early stages of developing their internet technologies. They can loss their funds due to lack of capability if they adopt internet banking. Furthermore, customers are also unhappy with the legal support they are getting from the governmen t for their private protection. In such cases, bank needs to go ahead and take the lead and advice the customers and create confidence and trust in them to accept the internet banking by making certain policies and contracts. Authors have addressed most of the barriers to the acceptance of internet banking, however not mentioned anything about the future research on the same issue.

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Theories of the Press - 1395 Words

Name: Sherisse Mohammed Subject: Recurrent Issues in Communication Arts Tutor: Peter Richards Topic: Of the four (4) theories of the press, which one adequately represents the situation in Trinidad Tobago? In 1956, three professors of communication; Fred S. Siebert, Theodore Peterson and Wilbur Schramm, published their Four Theories of the Press which went a long way in establishing a classification in the minds of students and educators of journalism. The book was originally published to help give historical, philosophical and international perspective of the press. The four theories were namely the authoritarian theory, the libertarian theory, social responsibility theory and finally, the soviet totalitarian theory.†¦show more content†¦There s a duty to think before anything is published in media. The right to freedom of expression is not absolute; it s conditional upon acceptance of this social duty or obligation. If a publication systematically panders to vulgarity, sensationalism, or degradation of the human race, it has forfeited its moral right to freedom of the press. Individuals are also not allowed to deliberately lie, falsely publish, slander, or defame oth er individuals because doing so forfeits their social bond with others. Lies which are honestly mistaken beliefs, however, should be tolerated. In this theory, it is believed that mischief must face its consequences. Finally, the soviet communist theory was supported by the communist ideology Karl Marx and Frederiche Engels who proposed a system where power or governmental rule lay amongst just a few in societies who were judged to be the elite or high in social class. They went further to predict that there would be a revolution where the individuals of the lower class would overthrow those in power to form a classless society where everyone shared equal power and status. The media was therefore supposed to amplify or bring to light the concerns of the working class or less influential in society. They were not owned by the government but were to some extent controlled by it. The media was also not to be underShow MoreRelatedFour Theories of the Press1514 Words   |  7 PagesFOUR THEORIES OF THE PRESS ORIGINS OF THE THEORIES The â€Å"Four Theories of the Press† was by three professors, Fred S. Siebert, Theodore Peterson and Wilbur Schramm, and since 1956, has come a long way. Over time, it has established a typology in the minds of journalism educators and students. The four theories are authoritarian, libertarian, social responsibility and soviet communist (Preserve Articles, 2012). AUTHORITARIAN THEORY Authoritarian is defined as favouring or enforcing strict obedienceRead MoreThe Concept Of Patient Needs Using Murrays Theory Of Human Press1438 Words   |  6 PagesKolcaba (1994) expanded the concept of patient needs using Murray’s (1938) theory of human press, hanging nursing concepts on his abstract framework and developing relationships between needs, interventions, outcomes, and comfort. Kolcaba (2003) created a diagram of the CT, substructed from the theory of human press. Researchers individualize the diagram, starting with line four. Each researcher then develops unique versions of lines five and six. Each item on line five should have a conceptualRead MoreArticle Review : Toward A Theory Of Press State Relations On The United States 1909 Words   |  8 PagesWithin this critical article review, I aim to assess and critically analyze the notions put forth by Bennett in his article titled ‘Toward a Theory of Press State Relations in the United States†™ (Bennett, 1990). In this article, Bennett formulates his indexing hypothesis, which, at its simplest level, predicts that news content will generally follow the boundaries of elite debate. This means that when elites agree on a matter, this consensus will be reflected in news media, whereas when elites disagreeRead MoreDoes the Theory of Evolution Contradict Creation?1326 Words   |  6 Pageschristianity These days , a number of the view that the theory of evolution as formulated by Charles Darwin is not against religion . There also was not convinced that the theory of evolution but still also contribute in teaching and redistribute it . This would not have happened if they really understand the theory. This is due to the inability to understand the dogma of Darwinism , including the views of the most dangerous of these theories are indoctrinated to the society . Therefore , for thoseRead MoreEssay on Colonial Oppression of Women1123 Words   |  5 Pagespower relationships are usually portrayed. Colonial and Postcolonial studies among other critical approaches provide a suitable critical discourse to analyze this issue in literary works. Feminist discourses share many similarities with postcolonial theory and for this reason the two fields have long been associative, even complimentary; both discourses are predominantly political and concern with the struggle against oppression an d injustice. Moreover both reject the established hierarchical, patriarchalRead MoreEssay on Theories of Causation of Crime and Its Solution 1250 Words   |  5 Pageshistory of criminal theory, spiritual and natural theories are taken as major theories of causation of crime. During medieval period, spiritual explanations were taken as punishment given by god for doing wrong things and any natural disasters like flood, fires, etc were evaluated as curse of high power. In modern period, the basic theories of causation of crime are classical theory, biological theory, psychological theory, cultural theory and conflict theory. The classical theory explains that freeRead MoreLiterary Theories And Literary Criticism1318 Words   |  6 PagesLiterary theories and literary criticism New Historicism 1. †¢ It is a literary theory based on the criticism of Stephen Greenblatt and philosophy Michel Foucault. †¢ It states that literature should be studied and interpreted in context with the author’s history as well as the history of the critic. †¢ Acknowledges that the author’s literature is influenced by his/her situations or surroundings. †¢ The critic’s response is also influenced by his/her surroundings, beliefs, values and prejudices. †¢ ShowsRead MoreMarx, Weber And Durkheim s Views On The Social1385 Words   |  6 PagesContemporary Sociological Theory, 2nd ed., edited by S. A. Appelrouth and L. D. Edles. Los Angeles, CA: Pine Forge Press/Sage Publications. Durkheim, Emile. 1895. â€Å"The Rules of Sociological Method.† Pp. 86-92 in Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory, 2nd ed., edited by S. A. Appelrouth and L. D. Edles. Los Angeles, CA: Pine Forge Press/Sage Publications. Durkheim, Emile. 1897. â€Å"Suicide: A Study in Sociology.† Pp. 103-113 in Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory, 2nd ed., edited by SRead MoreShort Story : Dear Boss Letter Essay1360 Words   |  6 PagesHundreds more letters were sent to both the press and the police. The Evening News speculated, â€Å"it is not necessarily assumed that this has been the work of the murderer, the idea that naturally occurs being that the whole thing is a practical joke.† Many newspapers considered the letters hoaxes written by members of the public. The postcard that arrived at the Central News Agency on October 1st was received before the double murder was made known to the press, supporting the notion that the Ripper himselfRead MoreSocial Cognitive Theory of Learning Essay1658 Words   |  7 PagesSocial Cognitive Theory of Learning Social cognitive theory of learning is a theoretical perspective that focuses on learning by observing others and eventually assuming control over one’s own behavior (Ormrod, 2011, p.323). Social cognitive theory is a perspective that helps us understand about learning by observing other people doing the same thing. This theory is a blend of behaviorism and cognitive psychology (Ormrod, 2011). Behaviorism theory relates to learning as a stimulus- response relationship

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Bite Me A Love Story Chapter 18 Free Essays

string(65) " pick off the last one without facing the whole group in combat\." 18. Carpe Noctem MARVIN Marvin the big red cadaver dog had done his job. He sat and woofed, which translated from the dog meant, â€Å"Biscuit. We will write a custom essay sample on Bite Me: A Love Story Chapter 18 or any similar topic only for you Order Now † Nine vampire hunters paused and looked around. Marvin sat in front of a small utility shed in an alley in Wine Country, behind a particularly nasty Indian restaurant. â€Å"Biscuit,† Marvin woofed. He could smell death amid the curries. He pawed the pavement. â€Å"What’s he doing?† said Lash Jefferson. He, Jeff, and Troy Lee carried Super Soakers loaded with Grandma Lee’s Vampire Cat Remedy, other Animals had garden sprayers slung on their backs, except for Gustavo, who thought that making him carry a garden sprayer was racial stereotyping. Gustavo had a flame thrower. He wouldn’t say where he got it. â€Å"Second Amendment, cabrones.† (The guy who sold Gustavo his green card had included two amendments from the Bill of Rights and Gustavo had chosen Two and Four, the right to bear arms and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure. [His sister Estrella had had seizures as a child. No bueno.] For five bucks extra he threw in the Third Amendment, which Gustavo bought because he was already sharing a three-bedroom house in Richmond with nineteen cousins and they didn’t have any room to quarter soldiers.) â€Å"That’s his signal,† said Rivera. He was wearing his UV-LED leather jacket and felt like a complete dork. â€Å"When he sits and does that with his paw he’s found a body.† â€Å"Or vampire,† added Cavuto. â€Å"Biscuit,† woofed Marvin. â€Å"He’s fucking with you,† said Troy Lee. â€Å"There’s nothing here.† â€Å"Maybe in the shed,† said Lash. â€Å"There’s no lock on it.† â€Å"Who would leave anything unlocked in this neighborhood?† asked Jeff. â€Å"Biscuit please,† woofed Marvin. They had an agreement: As consideration for finding dead things, the cadaver dog, heretofore referred to as Marvin, shall receive one biscuit. There was some flexibility, however, and Marvin understood that in this case, they weren’t looking for dead humans, but dead cats, and despite their inherent tastiness, Marvin was not to eat the findees. â€Å"Biscuit,† he rewoofed. Where was the biscuit? It had been months since he’d led them to the dead things. (Well, it seemed like months. Marvin wasn’t very good with time.) â€Å"Open it,† said Troy Lee. â€Å"We’ll cover you.† Rivera and Cavuto moved to the shed, which was aluminum and had a roof shaped like an old-fashioned barn’s. The Animals moved in a semicircle and trained their weapons on the shed. (Grandma Lee had stayed home to watch wrestling on TV when she realized there weren’t going to be any firecrackers.) â€Å"On three then,† said Rivera. â€Å"Wait,† said Cavuto. He turned to Gustavo. â€Å"No fuego. Comprende? Do not fucking light up that flamethrower.† â€Å"S,† said Gustavo. They had tested the flamethrower on the basketball court in Chinatown. It had a fairly short, wide spray. In other words, if Gustavo used it in the alley he would probably fry them all. Barry turned and sprayed the flamethrower’s pilot light with a stream of vampire cat remedy. The flame went out with a sizzle. â€Å"Okay, go.† â€Å"On three, then,† said Rivera. They all raised their weapons. â€Å"One,† Rivera nodded to Cavuto and grabbed the switch to his jacket LEDs. â€Å"Two.† Troy Lee crouched and aimed his Super Soaker to the center of the doors, ready to strafe in any direction. Cavuto drew his Desert Eagle, cocked the hammer, and thumbed off the safety. â€Å"Three!† The cops threw open the doors and lit up their jackets, the Animals leaned in. Six surprised kittens and a mother cat looked out from a box set on stacks of five-gallon detergent buckets. They all looked around, not saying anything. The Animals lowered their weapons. The cops turned off their jackets. â€Å"Well, that’s embarrassing,† said Troy Lee. â€Å"Biscuit,† Marvin woofed. They all looked at Marvin. â€Å"You suck, Marvin,† said Cavuto. â€Å"Those are normal cats.† Marvin didn’t understand. He had followed the trail, he had made the signal when he came to the end of the trail. Where was his biscuit? â€Å"Bad dog, Marvin,† said Lash. Marvin growled at him, then turned to Rivera and woofed, â€Å"Biscuit.† He was not a bad dog. It wasn’t his fault that no one had taught him how to point up. It wasn’t his fault they weren’t looking up, past the top of the shed, up the wall, to the roof, four stories up. Couldn’t they hear them? â€Å"Biscuit,† he woofed. CHET Chet watched the vampire hunters moving below. He understood what they were doing and how badly they were doing it. The other cats had moved away from the edge of the roof, the smell of flame, the sunlight jackets, and the dog had made them weary. A few of them were survivors of the encounter with the little Japanese swordsman, and Asians in general still freaked them out a little. Although they couldn’t see the life auras that a human vampire could, it was still in their instinct as predators to take the weak and the sick, and the group below appeared to be neither. Chet, on the other hand, was less and less of a cat every night. He was bigger than Marvin now, and had lost most of his cat instinct, and whatever he was now, it wasn’t a cat. Although he was still a predator, words kept invading his mind, sounds that produced pictures in his mind. Abstract concepts whirled around in sound and symbols. His kitty brain had been rewired with human DNA, and what had resulted was not only an alpha predator, but a creature with the capacity for revenge, mercy, and conscious cruelty. Chet watched the group below move out of the alley, led by Rivera and trailed by Barry, the bald, portly scuba diver of the Animals. The kitty part of Chet’s brain saw Barry’s bald spot like a ball of yarn, teasing him to attack. He needed to get it. He went to mist and snaked down the side of the building. He liked climbing face-down, especially since he had grown thumbs, but stealth was the only way to pick off the last one without facing the whole group in combat. You read "Bite Me: A Love Story Chapter 18" in category "Essay examples" He rematerialized in front of Barry, on his hind feet, and before the hapless grocery clerk could call out, Chet thrust his entire paw into his mouth and unsheathed his claws. There was only a slight gurgling sound, and Clint, the born-again, who had been walking ahead of Barry, turned to see only an empty alley behind him. Chet was already three floors above him on the wall. Barry dangled from Chet’s claws, twitching, as the huge, shaved vampire cat drank his life away. TOMMY â€Å"Foo,† Tommy said, right in Foo’s ear. â€Å"I want you to remember, before you move, at all, that I was the one who wore your sun jacket to rescue Jody from Elijah. So if I see you even look like you’re going to touch a switch of any kind, I’m going to tear that arm off, okay?† â€Å"I didn’t want to put you in the statue,† said Foo for the third time. â€Å"I know,† Tommy said. â€Å"Where’s Jody?† â€Å"She went looking for you.† Jared started to back away from the door into the kitchen area. â€Å"You too, Jared. If I don’t see your hands for one second, I’m taking them off so I don’t have to worry about it.† Jared waved his hands in front of him like he was drying his nails. â€Å"Whoa, badass much? I’m the one that let you in. I was going to get you some blood.† â€Å"Sorry, stress,† Tommy said. He had Foo by the throat, but lightly. â€Å"Give him the one that’s already opened,† Foo said. â€Å"The one with the drugs in it?† asked Jared. Foo flinched as if waiting for the sound of his neck snapping. â€Å"Yes, that one, you fuckwit.† â€Å"I’m good for now,† Tommy said. Then to Foo, â€Å"Jody went where to find me?† â€Å"Just out. Right after she got you out of the shell. She took half the money and most of the blood. Abby said that she was at the Fairmont, but Rivera and Cavuto found her. We don’t know where she is now.† â€Å"Where’s Abby?† â€Å"She’s at her mom’s,† said Foo. â€Å"No, she’s not.† Tommy choked him a little. â€Å"She’s here. I can smell her.† He cocked his head. â€Å"I don’t hear her heartbeat. Is she dead?† â€Å"Kind of,† said Jared. â€Å"She is nossssss-feratu. That’s how she says it. I’m so jealous.† â€Å"Did I do that?† â€Å"No,† said Foo. â€Å"She did it herself. You were out of your mind, and you bit her, but Jody pulled you off of her and threw you through the windows. You don’t remember?† â€Å"Not much. Probably a good thing for you, too.† â€Å"She’s under the mattress,† Jared said. â€Å"Foo made me hide her there.† â€Å"I’m going to change her back. I told you I could do it and I can. I’m already working on her batch of serum.† â€Å"And she saw Jody last?† â€Å"Her friend Lily saw Jody coming out of the Fairmont a few nights ago. Abby went there to find her and saw Cavuto and Rivera.† â€Å"Then we don’t know if they found Jody while she was out?† â€Å"They didn’t. They didn’t say anything when they came to get their jackets.† â€Å"Their jackets? Sun jackets? You gave them sun jackets?† â€Å"I have to do what they want. They were going to take me in for statutory rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.† â€Å"Really? Have they met Abby?† â€Å"Truth,† said Foo, as wistfully as you can when you’re being choked. â€Å"Tommy, let me change you back. It’s what you wanted. I can do you and Abby at the same time.† â€Å"No. And you’re not changing her. Wake her up.† â€Å"What? Why?† â€Å"Because I’m going to go look for Jody and I’m taking Abby with me. I’m not leaving her here with you guys.† â€Å"Why? She’s my girlfriend. I wouldn’t hurt her.† â€Å"She’s my BFF,† said Jared. â€Å"He’s the one who can’t be trusted.† â€Å"I’m taking her with me. I’m not going out there without someone watching my back. Haven’t you ever seen a horror movie? When you split up and go off by yourself, that’s when the monster gets you.† â€Å"I thought in this movie you were the monster,† Foo said. â€Å"Only if you don’t do what I say,† Tommy said, a little surprised to hear himself say it. â€Å"Wake her up, Foo.† JODY The last thing she remembered before burning up were the orange socks. And here they were again, fluorescent orange, highway safety orange socks, at the base of a tiny, blood-encrusted man who was fussing about at some sort of workbench. â€Å"Well, don’t you look yummy,† she said, and she was surprised at the sound of her own voice: dry, weak, and ancient. The little man turned, startled at first, but then he composed himself, bowed, and said something in Japanese. Then, â€Å"Sorry,† in English. â€Å"It’s okay,† she said. â€Å"This isn’t the first time I’ve woken up in a strange man’s apartment where I can’t remember how I got there.† This was, however, the first time she remembered where she had been on fire at the end of the night. Before it had gone quite that far, the girls she worked with held a lunchtime intervention in which each told her, frankly and sincerely, as people who loved her, that she was a drunken slut who took all the hot guys at the TGIF bar crawl every week and she needed to knock it the fuck off. So she did. Now, as in those days, she was disoriented, but unlike those days, it didn’t even occur to her to be afraid. The little Japanese man bowed again, then took a square-pointed knife from his workbench and approached her shyly, his head down, saying something that sounded very much like an apology. Jody held up her hand to wave him off, say, â€Å"Hey, back off there, cowboy,† but when she saw her hand, an ash-white desiccated claw, the words caught in her throat. The little man paused just the same. Her arms, her legs? She pulled up the kimono-her stomach, her breasts-she was shrunken, like a mummy. The effort exhausted her and she fell back into the pillow. The little man shuffled forward and held his hand up. There was a bandage on his thumb. She watched as he raised his hand, pulled off the bandage, and put the point of the knife to the wound that was already there. She caught his knife hand and ever so gently, pushed it down. â€Å"No,† she said, shaking her head. â€Å"No.† She couldn’t imagine what her face might look like. The ends of her hair were like brittle red straw. What must she have looked like before he had done this, done this too much, she could see. â€Å"No.† With him close, she could smell the blood on him. It wasn’t human. Pig. It smelled of pig, although she didn’t know how she might know that. When she had been at her best she would have smelled blood on someone just walking by on the sidewalk. It wasn’t only her strength that was gone, her senses were nearly as dull as when she had been human. The little man waited. He had bowed, but did not rise up again. Wait, he held his head aside, his throat open. He was bending down so she could drink. Knowing what she was, he was giving himself to her. She touched his cheek with the back of her hand and when he looked she shook her head. â€Å"No. Thank you. No.† He stood, looked at her, waited. She smelled the dried blood on the back of her hand, tasted it. She had tasted it before. She felt something tacky in the corner of her mouth-yes, it was the pig blood. The hunger wrenched through her, but she fought it down. He had fed her his own blood, obviously, but also pig’s blood. How long? How far had he brought her? She gestured for him to bring her paper and something to write with. He brought her a sketch pad and a broad square carpenter’s pencil. She drew a map of Union Square, then drew a crude figure of a woman and wrote down numbers, many numbers, her sizes. What about money? Rivera would have her things from the room, but she had hidden most of the money in another spot. From the brick-work in the apartment, the window frames, the angle of streetlights coming down from above, she guessed she was in a basement apartment right near where she’d been running on Jackson Street. Nowhere else in the City looked like this, was this old. She pointed to herself and the little man and then to the map. He took it from her and drew an X, then quickly drew a stick version of the Transamerica Pyramid. Yes. They were on Jackson Street. She wrote a â€Å"$† where she’d hidden the money, then scratched it out. It was hidden in a locked electrical junction box high on a roof, where she had been able to climb easily, two floors above the highest fire escape. This frail little guy would never get there. The little man smiled and nodded, pointing to the dollar sign. He went to his workbench, opened a wooden box, and held up a handful of bills. â€Å"Yes,† he said. â€Å"Okay, then, I guess you’re buying me an outfit.† â€Å"Yes,† he said. She made a drinking gesture, then nodded. He nodded and held up the knife again. â€Å"No, you can’t afford it. Animal.† She thought about making a piggy sound, but wasn’t sure that might not give him the wrong idea, so she drew a stickman on the sketch pad, then Xed it out and drew a first-grade stick piggy, a stick sheep, and a Jesus fish. He nodded. â€Å"Yes,† he said. â€Å"If you bring me a Christian petting zoo I’m going to be disappointed, Mr.-uh-† Well, this was embarrassing. â€Å"Well, you’re not the first guy I’ve ever woken up with whose name I don’t remember.† Then she stopped herself and patted his arm. â€Å"I’m sounding really slutty, I know, but the truth is I used to be afraid to sleep alone.† She looked around the little apartment, at the meticulously arranged tools on the workbench, the one pair of little shoes, and the white silk kimono he had wrapped her in. â€Å"Thank you,† she said. â€Å"Thank you,† he said. â€Å"My name is Jody,† she said, pointing to herself. She pointed to him, wondering if that might not be rude in his culture. But he had already seen her nude and burned up, so perhaps they were past formality. He seemed okay with it. â€Å"Okata,† he said. â€Å"Okata,† she said. â€Å"Yes,† he said, with a big smile. His gums were receded, which made him look like he had big horse teeth, but then Jody touched her tongue to her fangs, which it seemed were not retracting in her new, dried-up state, and she realized that she should probably be less judgmental. â€Å"Go, okay?† She pointed to the sketch pad. â€Å"Okay,† he said. He gathered up his things, put on his stupid hat, and was ready to leave, when she called to him. â€Å"Okata?† â€Å"Yes.† She made a face-washing gesture and pointed to him. He went to the little mirror over the sink, looked at himself covered with blood, and laughed, his eyes crinkled into high smiles themselves. He looked over his shoulder at her, laughed again, then scrubbed his face with a cloth until he was clean and went to the door. â€Å"Jody,† he said. He pointed to the stairs outside. â€Å"No. Okay?† â€Å"Okay,† she said. When he was gone, she crawled from the futon and stumbled from there to the workbench, where she rested before trying to move farther, to look at Okata’s work. Wood block prints, some finished, some with only two or three of the colors on them, proofs perhaps. They were a series, the progression of a black, skeletal monster against a yellow futon, then the gradual filling in of the figure. The care, wrapping her in the kimono, feeding her his blood. The last print was still in the sketch stage. He must have been working on it when she awoke. A sketch on thin rice paper had been glued to the wood block and he was carving away the material for the outline-the black ink in the other prints. They were beautiful, and precise, and simple, and sad. She felt a tear rise and turned so as not to drip blood on the print. How would she tell him? Would she point at the first sketch, the one where the figure looked like a medieval woodcut of Death himself, and point to his frail chest? â€Å"The first thing I noticed when I saw you was the life aura around you, and it was black. That’s why I wouldn’t let you give me your blood, Okata. You are dying.† â€Å"Okay,† he would say. â€Å"Thank you,† he would say, with his newly found grin. How to cite Bite Me: A Love Story Chapter 18, Essay examples

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Running Head: WATER QUALITY AND WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT TUI UNIVERSITY Timothy N. Tarrant Module 3: BHE 314 Environmental Health and Safety Dr. Rania Sabty-Daily 14 August 2008 Abstract The purpose of this case study is to compare and contrast the secondary water treatment method to the tertiary water treatment (also known as advanced or final water treatment) method, in the context of the wastewater treatment process and to discuss the appropriate uses of reclaimed water. In addition, I will explain whether I would recommend secondary treatment or tertiary treatment for the groundwater recharge, if it were to be used for drinking purposes. Reclaimed water is wastewater that is treated. Wastewater includes domestic sewage and industrial waste. It is treated to remove harmful or unwanted items in an effort to improve the quality of the wastewater. It is accomplished for a variety of reasons and has a multitude of uses. For example, it is done to keep nature from becoming polluted, to conserve needed potable water for human consumption, power generation, irrigation, fire protection, and even for the conservation of marine life. The treatment process will reduce the amount of suspended solids, biodegradable organics (BODs), pathogenic bacteria, and nutrients. The treatment process involves three stages that can be used individually or in conjunction with one another for a cleaner water end product. The stages are: primary or physical, secondary or biological, and tertiary or chemical. During the physical treatment the removal of large floating solid materials from raw sewage occurs. This primary process is often referred to as "mechanical treatment" because it uses screens and traps, along with gravity, to remove up to 60% of solid materials. In addition, it also is able to remove up to 30% of the BOD of the wastewater. The secondary and tertiary treatment processes have both gone through primary treatment. The main difference between the two is that secondary treatment is designed for the removal of biodegradable organic matter and the removal of additional suspended solids and the tertiary treatment involves chemical disinfection. The activated sludge treatment process is the secondary process that is most often used because of its versatility and relative low cost. The tertiary treatment process removes suspended, colloidal, and dissolves any remaining constituents after secondary treatment. The tertiary treatment is able to remove more than 99% of all impurities from sewage. This produces a water quality that almost meets the standards to drink. In an article from the World Health Organization website, it was discussed that groundwater recharge might be used in the future as a potable source. The article goes on to say, " Inasmuch as recharged groundwater may be an eventual source of potable water supply, groundwater recharge with recycled municipal wastewater may often involve treatment beyond the conventional secondary wastewater treatment level. In the past, several apparently successful groundwater recharge projects were developed and operated using primary and secondary effluents in spreading basins. However, because of the increasing concerns about protozoan cysts, enteric viruses, and trace organics in drinking-water, groundwater recharge with recycled wastewater in industrialized countries now generally entails further treatment after conventional secondary treatment. For example, surface spreading operations practiced in the USA to reclaim wastewater commonly include primary and secondary wastewater treatment, tertiary granular-medium filtration and, finally, chlorine disinfection." It is with this in mind that I would choose to use the tertiary treatment process vs. secondary for groundwater recharge if it were to be used by the public for drinking. Drinking water is a precious commodity with limited resource. Reclaimed water is being viewed as a valuable resource for the agricultural, industrial and municipal because it is readily available. In an effort to manage our drinking water supplies, we must turn to ideas like reclaimed water to provide a reliable source of water for non-potable uses. In 2006 the Southwest Florida Water Management District has used reclaimed water to power six local power plants, irrigate 9,000 acres of crops, irrigate 83,000 residential areas, and irrigate over 160 area golf courses. (SW Florida, 2008) Clearwater Florida is an excellent example of using water reclamation to benefit their society. In an article called "My Clearwater/Reclaimed", it says, "The use of reclaimed water (RCW) helps us preserve high quality drinking water, by providing a reliable and economical alternative source of irrigation water. It is in coastal areas like ours that ground water supplies are most limited. The use of reclaimed water for irrigation helps us manage our drinking water supplies and costs because we postpone the day when we'll have to acquire new drinking water supplies. Drinking water is a precious, limited resource, while

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Meeting Suspense Dates

Meeting Suspense Dates Introduction It is of utmost importance to meet all important obligations either official or unofficial in time. In order to do this, time management, and organization is necessary to ensure that everything is done according to the timeline. Sometimes it becomes necessary to show commitment to given deadline and in such cases suspense dates are set. Whether suspense dates are legal or official obligation, it is important to meet them. This paper seeks to discuss the importance of meeting suspense dates.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Meeting Suspense Dates specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Suspense Date According to Smith and Gersteinâ€Å"Suspense is a deadline that cannot be violated unless prior to the original suspense date†(Smith and Gerstein, 2007). In legal field suspense dates refer to a given time in which a provision to perform or renegotiate a certain task ceases to exist. For instancean army offic er might be given a suspense date within which he is supposed to claim work benefits despite being out of service for various reasons. In the office set up suspense date may exist when an employee is given an ultimatum to overseecompletion of a given task within stipulated time. The main reason of meeting suspense date is to avoid corresponding penalties. Some suspense dates have fines attached to them to ensure that the intended respondent reacts to them in time and as such meeting such dates is important. Whenever possible, it is important torequest for deadline extension in case the time limit is not within your means. It is important to meet suspense dates issued by other companies in order to protect the integrity of your company or organization. This is because business partnersbuild trust and confidence depending on how you respond and meet their deadlines. Suspense dates are also issued by service providers such as public libraries. Meeting such suspense dates is important t o enable such organizations to provide services such as books to other people as well. When suspense dates are associated with work flow, it becomes imperative to meet them in order to avoid work loading at one department. When suspense dates are met work flow becomes smooth and other departments do not have to stay idle waiting for others to complete their tasks hence improving efficiency. Meeting suspense dates way ahead of time is important in order to avoid last minute surprises. Due to uncertainties of life, something may happen during the last minute making it impossible to meet suspense dates. To avoid these inconveniences, suspense date obligations should be met way ahead of time or an extension requested when necessary.Advertising Looking for essay on business corporate law? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Finally, some suspense dates are legally binding. This means that failure to meet such deadlines will result to legal implications. For instance, a situation may arise demanding supplying the court with information or piece of evidence within a given period to allow further investigations. Failing to meet such suspense dates may render evidence obsolete or may attract a fine or a court charge. Thus it becomes very important to meet such suspense dates. Conclusion Conclusively, meeting suspense dates is very important not only to the person obligated to meet them but the other party as well. It ensures that fines involved with such dates are avoided. It ensures that work organization is efficient and also helps in maintaining confidence and trust with the parties involved. These and other reasons are sufficient enough to express the importance of meeting suspense dates. Smith,Perryand Gerstein,Daniel. Assignment: Pentagon: How to Excel in a Bureaucracy. New York, NY: Potomac Books, 2007.

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Find Out If You Should Wear a Brace with Tendinitis

Find Out If You Should Wear a Brace with Tendinitis Tendinitis is a condition where the tissue connecting the muscle to the bone becomes inflamed.  This usually occurs when someone overuses or injures a tendon during a sport. The parts of the body most commonly affected include the elbow, wrist, finger, and thigh. How People Often Get Tendinitis Common types of tendinitis (also known as tendonitis) includes tennis or golfers elbow, De Quervains tenosynovitis, and swimmers shoulder. Tendinitis is most associated with older people, due to elasticity and weakness in age, as well as with adults who are active in sports. Tendinosis is similar to tendinitis but has chronic, long-term, and degenerative effects. Everyday activities that can cause tendinitis to come about may include household tasks like cleaning, gardening, painting, scrubbing, and shoveling. There are also more stagnant issues, like poor posture or stretching before activities, which can increase risk factors. Avoid Wearing a Brace for Tendinitis When dealing with tendinitis, limiting the repetitive stress is good but immobilizing the joint is bad. The worst is when you wear  a brace and continue to use the joint thats suffering from tendinitis, as the injury needs rest. A brace is often used as a crutch, and much like walking on a sprained ankle, you will continue to injure the tendon. You should not use a brace or splint unless under the direction of a medical professional who is proficient in repetitive stress treatments. If you are treating your tendinitis yourself, however, follow the guidelines below. Support Your Tendinitis in an Alternative Way Use a brace only at times of rest, when you wont be tempted to overuse the injured joint. At other times, allow pain to be your guide: if it hurts, dont do it. Remember that the goal is to heal the injury, not continue to work, further injuring the  body. If you need to use the joint, consider using a flexible support item, such as a sports wrap bandage. This can keep the area warm and supported while limiting the range of motion. Youll have less chance of causing further injury to the affected area or to overstress a new area (which can thereby injure that, a common side effect of using a brace). Get Help for the Pain Tendinitis pain can be helped in several ways, including with rest, slowing down exercises, applying ice and cold packs to the affected area, and using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen.  Tendinitis tends to fade in four to six weeks when properly healing. Getting enough sleep is also important and will help with overall health and fitness. Its equally as important to keep exercising, but any activity that will stress the affected area is to be avoided at all costs, even if the pain has stopped. Avoiding any motion that caused pain in the first place is recommended. Applying a range of motion exercises, like gently moving the joint through its full range of motion, also helps to prevent stiffness and strengthen the muscle around it.

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Leadership in Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Leadership in Business - Essay Example According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that the high competition in the business world nowadays needs competitive business leaders who will manage to organize their business organizations to achieve their goals. Business leaders need several characteristics in order to achieve their goals. Risk taking is doing something hoping for any outcome, be it good or bad. Any competitive business leader must be ready to take risks. Starting a business involves depositing money or capital where you are not certain whether you will get profit or not. It involves one asking themselves many questions like, â€Å"should I start a business, or should I not?†, â€Å"Should I employ new workers or not?† and many others. Those people who take risks in business will emerge successful, given the high competition in the business world. A business leader who fears to take risks cannot succeed in business because they will fear to get to losses. A good example of an ent repreneur is Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos. Amazon is an organization that deals with the internet business. The CEO says it is good to take risks to manage a business, but it is also good to reduce the risks as the business grows. He says he had to think whether to build Amazon or continue with his previous job on Wall Street. He risked leaving his job to start Amazon, but he succeeded in his online business. Therefore taking risks is always important for success in a business. Another successful business leader, Sir Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Group (A group of companies in the United States), says, â€Å"Great success does not come without taking risks†. The most important thing is taking the right risks.